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Top 8 platforms where you can learn multiple languages [A Complete List]

Have you ever felt empowered when you know the native language of a place you visit, and you're able to converse with the locals fluently?

My viewpoint regarding multilingual people or those who understand more than one language is that they have the edge over the others when going for a new job in a different country or understanding the culture of a geographical location.

Top language learning platforms [Round Study List]

Fortunately, various platforms serve the purpose, and we don't have to bury our heads in piles of books or take up classes that charge exorbitant rates to learn a new language.

They provide free services from the comfort of home, and one can learn while commuting and save the amount of money spent on pursuing a course and time worth spent in a semester.

1. Duolingo

It has some of the best features with lessons in over 35 languages to offer to the learners. It is addictive as every language is divided into bite-sized skills for e-learning and has a game-like interface where you lose a life with every wrong answer and earn points when you complete the lesson.

Duolingo - Language Learning

- It teaches the user to read, write, listen and speak efficiently.

- With personalized learning, immediate grading, rewards, and ways to improve quickly, it has won several accolades, including 'Google's best of the best and 'iPhone app of the year.'

- It is available on both iOS and Android.

2. Busuu

It offers 12 languages, and each course is developed using the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which is a standard recognized internationally.

Busuu - Language Learning

- It helps the user to rate themselves from beginner to utterly fluent in six stages.

- It is an excellent means for providing topic-based lessons while focussing on skill improvement and progress.

- In addition, the tests are McGraw Hill Education certified with a fun interface to practice for the user.

- It is also available on both iOS and Android.

3. LingQ

With 24 languages to master, this platform works on the motto- ' Read and listen to learn new words and phrases, and track your progress anytime anywhere.'

Started and based on the co-founder's experience of inability to learn a language, the sole purpose of this platform is to help the user understand through a simple yet fantastic interface so that it caters to adults and children alike.

LingQ - Language Learning

- It helps people to learn from a community of language learners through forums and blogs.

- Available on both iOS and Android, it is an excellent method for teachers to provide authentic content to their students.

4. Memrise

Memrise - Language Learning

Memrise has up to 23 languages to offer and has practical tools for preparing the learner for real-life situations.

This platform is guided by principles of rich, accurate language content, a saucy recipe of tech and science, and lastly, if it isn't fun, you won't learn.

- The concept of flashcards is called mems, and it helps grasp better.

- Since they have many free courses to offer, one can even learn the country's history, culture, and geography.

- It is one of the most sought-after forums for language learning available on both Android and Apple devices.

5. Lang-8

Lan8 Language Learning

Lang-8 is one of the few sites that promote the language and culture exchange on the website between native speakers worldwide.

It is an exciting concept where the language speakers who connect with you help correct the content and give appropriate feedback. You can return this favor by helping others ace your native language.

So it proves ideal for people who already know the language and want to improve it. This platform is available on Android and iOS.

6. Lingualia

Lingualia - Language Learning

Lingualia works on the adaptive learning approach, which boosts the motivation and progress of the user.

- The reasons devised are at your pace videos that help the user secure better job opportunities while also focusing on an extensive network of connections while studying a new language.

- It proves a superb platform for improving the challenging areas for the user and can be accessed on both Android and iPhone.

7. Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects - Language Learning

It has a few simple ingredients like interactive learning tools through games and flashcards to learn 80 languages.

- It is made easy by including phrases, numbers, spelling, and verb conjugation, among many others.

- It is a responsive website with audio for learning foreign languages.

8. Papora

Papora - Language Learning

Papora functions on bite-sized lessons and a global community to learn from its proven methods.

- It works on the motto - 'Talk to real people and not robots to become fluent and speak like a native.'

- Based in Belgium, it is an award-winning language learning platform that provides multiple languages to learn with cutting-edge technology on mobile and e-learning.

- You can check out this site on Android and iOS too.

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