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Where can I practice IELTS for free?

Sometimes, it requires an enormous amount of effort to take time from our busy lives, be it office work, studies or something else, to finally get hands on the course material for a competitive exam and begin preparing for it. IELTS, in this case, is taken by a majority of such aspirants, and it wouldn't be a surprise at all if somebody finds it challenging to cope with the preparation and a busy schedule. Especially in such cases, it becomes pretty important that people look for an easy solution that can help them brief on all the essential information for IELTS and help them get their desired band, aka IELTS score. IELTS is marked from 0 to 9, with a succession of 0.5 and the score is called ‘a band’.

There are several platforms where you can practice for IELTS, for example, one of the bests are free practice questions on Round Study, IELTS indicator though it can cost you around 149$, these are the best bets.

While looking for questions to practice, it is important to note ‘how close are the questions to the real exam?’. Suppose you practice from some XYZ option and miss out on this factor. In that case, you can hurt your actual score because some of the top minds design IELTS, well-experienced people in research in a focused attempt to test a candidate's cognitive abilities testing their language skills. It is not an English test; it is an English based test, there is a difference. So, even if you have had A’s in your high school or graduation, you can goof up pretty well. It is why experts in the field know far better what is being tested, how it is being tested, and there are no shortcuts or miraculous one-night study.

It is a matter of guided practice, mistakes and improvement. Immigration people worldwide want something, and to test if you have that something, they created IELTS.

Period. Coming back to the point of practicing IELTS, if you are new to the exam and have never heard of this exam, you need to give a practice test at least once to get a taste of ‘what it is’. Unfortunately, a real exam will cost you around 150$, and most practice platforms can woo you into practicing WRONG questions.

As black Iron Man famously said to Rachael’s angry boyfriend from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “Never go full retard.” (Reference: Tropic Thunder Movie)

You might score on a first go, and you should think so because it is crucial to know your enemy before you strategize on how you could win it, and it’s possible when done right!

So, practice right, get the right coach if you feel you need it, score and fly out of the pointless hustles.

Let me share a bonus point!

Like any other exam, IELTS preparation is about working on your weak areas. You might be new to English altogether. IELTS tests four skills in particular: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The first step is the identification of the challenging section.

So, give a couple of tests and try to find your weak areas and get to know better what is being tested and work on it.

It could be tempting to get absorbed in your preparation to a level where you could ignore some sections completely.

Don’t lose focus from other sections, but identifying weak areas should be the best way to begin your preparation or improve your desired ‘band’ score.


Some terms used in this article are coined just for the sake of reader’s entertainment. Do refer to our other articles without such disclaimer or Call on +91-8920303198 to know everything about IELTS.

We charge a piece of time from your life; rest is free. Haha. Kidding. The call is free; the counselling session is free; even the practice papers here are free.

About the Author:

I have been writing since the iPhone came into existence. Coming from an Engineering research and marketing background, I hope to combine my two passions of research and easy communication to make sure that people enjoy information. HAHA! Sounds funny.

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