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Where to look for the right job consultant in Ontario province of Canada? [2021]

Want to know if you'll land a job successfully after pursuing all the fancy courses from the various universities in Canada and worldwide?

You may realize that it is relatively easier to find a job in Canada than in other countries due to the abundance of job opportunities out there. But the best way to encash them is by applying to the right job consultants in that area.

Ontario Job Consultants

Let me make your work easier by listing down those hiring agencies who work hard to help you connect with the right people from your chosen field.

1. Hays

Hays - Ontario Job Consultants by Round Study

This website has a clear understanding of what people expect and has a filter for Job Title and City, Town, Province of the job opportunities.

  • They have a 3-step interview guide with a salary checker to help you know if your salary matches the market rate.

  • They also provide a salary guide discussing the impact of Covid -19 and the hiring plans in their revamped guide.

  • By browsing through the Specialist area, job location, timeline sheets and recruitment tools, one can land the job of their choice in their area of expertise.

2. David Aplin Group

David Aplin Group - Ontario Job Consultants by Round Study

The David Aplin Group is one of the established platforms responsible for recruiting new talent for businesses for over 40 years.

Apart from being one of the best-managed companies in Canada, they have a wide range of jobs according to the specialized industry divisions.

They help the job seekers connect with the community and help the employers hire for temporary or contract basis, executive and direct hiring staff.

This website has one of the cleanest interfaces for users to approach the right employers conveniently.

3. Adecco

Adecco - Ontario Job Consultants by Round Study

Adecco is one of those sites that gives equal importance to employers and the applicants and provides an easy way for finding the right person for the job through employment resources.

  • Separate categories like Industry, Location and type are also mentioned for the benefit of the users to select the area of expertise according to their requirements.

  • They even cater by writing blogs to improve the applicants' understanding and help increase the accessibility of the jobs.

4. Summit Search Group

Summit Search Group - Ontario Job Consultants by Round Study

Summit search group is that recruitment firm committed to matching top employers with exceptional employees.

  • They help the candidate achieve their career goals while businesses acquire a staff that advance their bottom line.

  • In addition to having a vast range of practice areas, the consultants help build the resume structure and interview techniques.

It offers additional services and supports the job seekers at every step of the journey, making it one of the more preferred sites.

5. Randstad

Randstad - Ontario Job Consultants by Round Study

Randstad is one of the top sites for job seekers as it has an advantage over others.

Since they have partnered with Sun life assurance company in Canada, it offers benefits to all temporary employees in the form of access to customized insurance protection at affordable rates.

They even have a concept of online timesheets, which tracks your hours after login.

They also have a filter for all job categories according to the postal code or city. It is one of the most sought-after platforms for searching for jobs in Canada.

About the Author:

I am an experienced content manager with passion for serving best content to users that can help them make right decisions cutting through the noise of marketing agendas. I have always tried to leverage my experience to convey the most meaningful information without biases. I hope that this article serves the best to its readers.

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