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IELTS - The Great Storm and The Legend of NRIs

IELTS stands for ‘something to do with studying abroad or immigration for work’. There is a legendary tale that once there was a storm so strong that fled brains out of Eastern countries. These brains formed their own colonies and called themselves as NRIs - ‘Northern-lights Rescue Inspectors’.

IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad & Surat - Storm

Inspired by these events, many people started digging out paths to reach the corners of the land where these settlements were made. It led to the formation of an international society of examiners who in turn created what is known as IELTS.

IELTS, an English-based exam that tests skills in four key components of communication in English: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The components were so tough that kids are trained on these since their birth. Rest is history.

For generations, it has been a common belief that ‘Huh, it’s just English, talk to my hand!’ and such people are never given return tickets from the land far far away because they don’t get their VISAs.

Does this mean that the exam is not about English? Does this mean that the exam is tough or could it be that we are evolving into dumbness? Could be. Trump won the election, anything is possible.

IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad & Surat - Examiner

Of the big hurdles along the path through the storms, real heroes are considered those who get through and fulfil their destiny becoming a Northern-lights Rescue Inspector, an N R I. It needs strong will, tenacity and a good band, an IELTS band, not a wrist band.

If the storm is your enemy, that’s what you are up against, the examiners control the intensity of the winds and the questions. So don’t go out with a small yacht or without a plan. There is only one way to get through the storm, join X-Men. They have a girl who can literally control this stuff through some powers Stan Lee gave.

One more way is, ‘Know your enemy before it gets to know you’. It’s like getting into a new relationship where you guess who cheats first. While you can cheat in a relationship but if you get caught, you are screwed.

Same thing happens in IELTS, the examiners deploy an army of invigilators and cameras that monitor and punish the cheats because this is not an exclusive thing like a relationship.

IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad & Surat - Magic

A lot of things can get you a good band. Some say drinking pine juice and standing on one feet for 2 months straight helps, while some suggest to give practice tests, get to know the enemy, the opponents you can get weak against aka Speaking, Reading, Writing or Listening, and train yourself up against them.

You can also learn magic in your free time, anything can work. You can get help from a proper trainer who has already made hell lot of people get their band, an IELTS band, not a wrist band.

Ultimately, it is your path and you walk on it, you get the band and it is you who joins the force of ‘Northern-lights Rescue Inspectors’. May the storm be with you.


This article is intended to communicate knowledge on how IELTS work but it is written in the form of fiction. Some terms referred here are coined just for the sake of reader’s entertainment. Do refer to our other articles without such disclaimer or Call on +91-8920303198 to know everything about IELTS.

We charge a piece of time from your life, rest is free. Haha.. kidding. Call is free, the counseling session is free, even the practice papers here are free. Our support team is operational in Ahmedabad & Surat for IELTS coaching, and have catered to many aspirants around the world.

About the Author:

I have been writing since the iPhone came into existence. Coming from an Engineering research and marketing background, I hope to combine my two passions of research and easy communication to make sure that people enjoy information. HAHA! Sounds funny.

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