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How does Listening help in Spoken English?

Recently I read somewhere that, “Speak in such a way that others listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.”

People have been in a process to believe that speaking can only be improved by regular speaking.

The English speaking coaching teaches that the pillar of the language is interconnected; anyone can start to learn speaking by focusing a little bit more on either Reading, Writing, or Listening.

Recently English coaching centers have inclined towards Listening, which can be a good start. And the best way to describe this process; an exceptional example is presented of a toddler who smoothly adopts speaking.

Why is listening useful in spoken english

As he/she is vigilant and listening to ‘n’ number of sounds, letters, words, sentences since birth, so, when a young kid can easily use this method of learning to speak, why can’t we?

To commence with, Listening has many attributes that can determine a better speaking course. English coaching in Bhopal prefers speaking through listening for diverse content covered in audios.

It includes many subjects and varied ranges, comprising history, art, science, commerce, culture, information technology, etc.

Broadly, Listening can improve your lexicon, can disseminate various pronunciations, accents, smooth speaking for many language learners.

Audiobooks and podcasts are means through which a student can start preparing for speaking.

The first query to ponder upon is, how can English-speaking coaching utilize the listening module for effective speaking?

Well, by now, many of you must have been listening to a range of topics but never focused on it for your speaking. The key component described by English coaching in Bhopal for speaking is picking up the subject, examining the content, and finding the related vocabulary note down in your vocabulary journal (a notebook that includes all the new words you have come across and learned).

The English Coaching Centers concentrates on covering the five important speaking factors, i.e., pronunciation, comprehension, grammar, fluency, and vocabulary.

Listening to various audios and podcasts will help you win the battle with speaking. Hence, as followed by many English-Speaking coaching, go ahead and start scrolling through the vast available library of content and choose your subjects to begin.

Speaking improves when you listen better

Now Listening gives you that bandwidth to work on. It does not require a full-fledged instrument. Many English Coaching Centre navigates with the help of technology and advises their learners that every service on mobiles can be utilized. It provides links to Download some listening apps and practices daily.

Some tips that might get you started:

1. Start by listening to Radio or English songs

It is the most accessible form to polish your speaking. You can memorize the songs and practice them daily. Singling along with the songs will give you an understanding of accents and different words, which will also be fun! Karaoke time!!

2. Watch English Movies or serials

If you have just started with your speaking lessons, then watching movies will be beneficial. You can start with some standard series and later pan out to film in a different genre.

The result will be exposed to content through documentaries, drama, fiction, comedy, history, etc.

The students can also use this method to learn the related vocabulary of the subjects and integrate it into speaking. Yay! another word-building exercise.

3. English talks and presentations on the internet

Motivational and inspiring talks quickly grab the attention of the listeners. The students must write the gist of the topic they have heard.

It will help them with comprehension, and a little recap can hone their speaking skill too. Try practicing speaking in front of the mirror for more confidence.

4. Podcasts of different subjects

Podcasts again have a substantial effect on speaking skills. They offer you variety as well as you can choose to start from simple content.

Comprehensions with podcasts are essential. So, as you listen, it is advised to keep writing simultaneously and after the completion, speak the content as per your understanding.

5. Engage in audiobooks

If you want to improve your speaking, another brilliant way is to ditch the books and listen to eBooks. This process brings resonance to your learning method. You can easily listen to the varied context and repeat the procedure mentioned in point 2.

Patience is also defined by several English-speaking coaching as another factor that needs to be considered in learning.

I’ll suggest striding on the path of your learning and investing daily to achieve your targeted goal. By practicing as directed by many institutes is going to help you in the journey.

The adaptation of strategies and disciplined self-study will also make your learning graph higher.

About the Author

I have been mentoring working professionals and students in proficiency skills and IELTS exam since long now. I am a certified trainer, Masters in business studies and have rich experience in the corporate and education fields. I hope my articles help the readers to gain strong confidence in their learning process.

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