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A comprehensive list of best universities for Project Management courses in Canada [2021]

Are you still contemplating which course to pursue that can prove to be the most practical combination of enhancing your skills and applying them?

If you're planning to study in Canada and still haven't decided on the course, this article might help open new doors.

Project Management is an entire process that begins with innovation and production. While pursuing the various Project Management courses, students can improve soft skills, analytical abilities, technical abilities, and challenging skills that boost their existing skills and help them become extraordinary project supervisors.

One could pursue Project Management at the graduation level in addition to the post-graduation degree. In contrast, the higher degree in Project management is called a Master's in Project Management or MPM, which is usually a one or two-year diploma.

One could apply just after pursuing a bachelor's level of four-year graduation interval. Here are some of the best colleges which offer various courses under Project management:

1. Centennial College – Graduate Certificate in Project Management

IELTS classes for centennial college

Established in 1966, Centennial College is the first public college in Ontario. The college has transformed over the past 54 years and is considered one of Canada's most culturally diverse institutions.

The Graduate Certificate program promotes experiential learning with laboratory instruction and co-op education which is one of the best ways of incorporating the skills learned while pursuing the course and applying it in the real world.

The project management expertise provides eligibility for designations from Canadian professional associations, and its industry connections help students network with employers.

Centennial ranked among the top in 2018 for the highest employment rate of college students and paid for conducting applied research activities. The duration span for the Graduate Certificate program is one year.

2. Lambton College – Enterprise Project Management

IELTS classes for lambton college

Lambton College offers some of the most affordable tuition fees for this one-year course in Canada. Students benefit from its hands-on curriculum, internship, state-of-the-art facilities, and co-operative education work opportunities.

While studying at Lambton, students can work (part-time or full-time during academic breaks) and simultaneously apply for a postgraduate work permit of up to three years.

Lambton helps students graduate work-ready and recently placed students in over 1,000 companies. Lambton College has achieved the highest Employer Satisfaction rate in Ontario, with employers reporting that they were content with the performance of their new hires, according to the latest Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report.

The course in Enterprise management helps the students gain expertise in business leadership as well.

3. Fanshawe College - Graduate Certificate in Project Management

IELTS classes for fanshawe college

The Project Management program at Fanshawe College will help further your career goals by gaining the in-depth knowledge, competencies, skills, tools, and techniques required to plan and execute projects that achieve organizational goals on time and within budget.

This one-year graduate certificate is designed for graduates looking for a career in project management courses in Agile project management, Project recovery, construction project management, and project leadership.

It is available 100% online or in a traditional in-class format with a September, January, and May admission intake. The course duration is one year.

4. Seneca College – Graduate Certificate in Project Management -IT

IELTS classes for senecca college

In this eight-month program, you will learn about the advances in project management in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

This program teaches an understanding of applying methodologies in the IT industry and refining your project management skills by offering an optional work term for students to gain practical experience in the IT sector before graduation.

When you graduate from this program, the career options you can explore are System Analyst, Network administrator, Team leader, Project leader, and Project manager.

5. Fleming College – Masters Certificate in Project Management

IELTS classes for fleming college

This post-graduate program provides graduates to efficiently manage all aspects of a project to achieve organizational goals in a competitive global environment.

Studying at Fleming College prepares you to write the Project Management Institute's Certified Associate in Project Manager or Project Management Professional exam. The tenure of its full-time course is one year.

6. Sault College – Graduate Certificate in Project Management

IELTS classes for sault college

Sault College is growing rapidly with an encouraging student environment, high-quality education, first-class facilities, and a qualified and dedicated faculty.

The college ranked first in Ontario for the quality of its learning experience, overall student satisfaction, and facilities and services according to the 2020 Student Satisfaction Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Sault College offers dedicated student support services, prepares them for successful employment, and helps them meaningfully contribute to the global economy after graduation. The duration of this program is one year.

7. Canadore College – Project Management – Information Technology

IELTS classes for canadore college

Canadore College was established in 1967 and offered a wide range of technology, Health, and business programs in North Bay, Ontario.

The college aims to work towards student satisfaction and supporting students' goals to get better employment opportunities.

Also, the North Bay campus of Canadore College falls under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program, which will lead students to better PR opportunities.

For this one-year course in IT, you will learn the need to plan and organize your team's activities and deliver those projects on time and within budget.

This innovative program will provide you with highly marketable skills that are sought after across the globe.

Your future career options include Computer and telecommunications companies, Government Information technology departments, Private businesses, and corporations.

8. Vancouver Island University – Graduate Diploma in Project Management

IELTS classes for vancouver island university

Vancouver Island’s GDPM program provides a specialization in project management which helps a student to become a Certified Associate Project Management Professional (PMP).

Students can expect to work in various project management jobs in industries such as construction, information technology (IT), manufacturing, and service.

The Vancouver Island University (VIU) is constantly working with the Project management institute (PMI) to produce qualified project management professionals to balance the demand-supply chain. The tenure for this course is one year.

9. MacEwan University – Project Management & Professional Communication

IELTS classes for macewan university

Founded in 1971, MacEwan is committed to helping students become global citizens.

The students can study for a degree, diploma or certificate, and work towards achieving their academic goals by planning, organizing, brainstorming, forecasting budgets, executing, and this is the result of the complete process of project management.

Students at MacEwan enjoy more than a hundred and fifty research and work experiences, dedicated scholarships for international students, on-campus volunteering and work opportunities through expert teaching, community engagement, and reliable support services.

Students can learn beyond the classroom and explore areas through special events such as Conferences, Performances, and Speaker series. The course ranges to one year.

10. Durham College - Project Management (Graduate Certificate)

IELTS classes for durham college

Founded in 1967, Durham College provides a Graduate Certificate program to its students to gain knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to manage projects for a wide range of industries successfully.

The students who have experience and are seasoned professionals in project management will have the opportunity to learn and add to their credentials to advance their careers.

In addition, students will have several options to gain real-world experience through case study analysis and a capstone project. Tenure for this course is one year as well.

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