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Best platforms for learning German to prepare for a life beyond paradise in Europe

'Können Sie Deutsch?', if you know what I said, then you probably got the gist of the article. And if not, then let me walk you through the advantages of learning the German language.

Learn German [List by Round Study]

Apart from being the most common native language in the top European countries, it helps ease the elaborate process of applying to German universities as German is mandatory in most universities.

If you know the native language of the country, it increases your chances of getting better job opportunities and improves relations and effective communication.

Some of the platforms which exclusively offer German learning are discussed below:


It is one of the superior platforms for German learning that focuses on learning the language through grammar and vocabulary overview.

Learn German DW [List by Round Study]

  • They have different courses for beginners, advanced learners, and working professionals.

  • They even have this brilliant concept of learning through music which helps them grasp better.

  • Practicing pronunciation and taking a placement test to check the progress of the language are some of the features offered by this website.

  • Courses are mostly accustomed for desktop, are also available for this platform.


It is one of the popular platforms which offers one-to-one tuition in a group in the top German-speaking cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and many more in addition to live online courses. [List by Round Study]

  • They have 12 course levels for more accurate placement and free German audio course A1.

  • They even have online preparation courses for DaF certificates and exams.

  • They have a very streamlined process of examining the rapid progress of 1 level per month.

It is one of the recommended platforms of the native speakers for German language learning.


It has taken learning to a different level by introducing German language orthography. [List by Round Study]

  • It is complemented by interactive language exercises and tests to improve and evaluate proficiency.

  • Actilingua academy, whose website name is, hosts holiday activity program courses in Vienna.

  • They provide 34 separate lessons for beginners and advanced learning with study tips.

  • Besides, they even have facilities for enhancing the Job application in Germany like writing an effective cover letter, CV, and points to consider in a job interview.

It is available on the desktop medium.

4. Deutsch-Uni-Online

Deutsch-Uni-Online (DUO) is one of the most organized platforms with a user-friendly interface that helps users apply for the course according to the requirements through a filter by a category, previous knowledge level, and learning format.

Deutsch-Uni-Online (DUO) [List by Round Study]

  • It makes the experience of the user seamless and hassle-free.

  • This e-learning platform trains all CEFR levels with blended learning, tailored course programs for small and large groups.

  • The preparation of the DAAD scholarship program gives this website a bonus point too.


This platform works on the principle of Learning German in the fastest, easiest, and most fun way.

German Pod 101 [List by Round Study]

  • It provides one of the best short audio and video lessons for Fast and Easy learning, Study tools for rapid learning, and personalized guidance from your teachers.

  • With this, you benefit from the free lifetime account with a seven-day free trial of premium account access.

  • To top it all, they provide a collection of free PDF cheat sheets on German vocabulary, verbs, and learning tips to help accelerate the progress.

This platform has made learning highly convenient for all the non-native German speakers out there in the world.

About the Author:

I am an experienced content manager with passion for serving best content to users that can help them make right decisions cutting through the noise of marketing agendas. I have always tried to leverage my experience to convey the most meaningful information without biases. I hope that this article serves the best to its readers.

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