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About IELTS: Speaking Task

Speaking- (Academic and General Training Paper) 

There are 3 parts to the speaking test.

  • Part 1: Where an examiner will ask you basic questions about yourself more like a general introduction. A simple question-answer round.

  • Part 2: A cue card round with a topic written on a piece of paper and corresponding questions related to it.

  • Part 3: Where more similar questions associated with the cue card topic are asked. A broader discussion is followed in this round.

The speaking test extends till 14 minutes or so and not more than that. In total, it takes about 11-14 minutes.

Part 1 and 3 lasts for about 4-5 mins while Part 2 is 3-4 mins. Timings of the test are strictly monitored by the examiner. A certified IELTS examiner will take your speaking test. You’ll interact with that person and on the basis of how well your spoken English is, you’ll receive a band score from 1-9.

Speaking Format- Academic and General


14 Minutes


*Takes about 11-14 minutes.

No. of Question

17-18 Questions

No. of Questions

Part 1 - 11-12 questions based on different topics.

Part 2 - A cue card round with prep time for 1 minute & 1-2 minutes to speak on the topic given.

Part 3 - Around 5 or more questions will be asked.


Various Parameters


*Scoring depends on parameters as mentioned:

  • Fluency

  • Range of grammar

  • Accuracy with the tenses

  • Usage of lexical resources

  • Pronunciation

No. of sections

3 Parts

No. of sections

The speaking test consists of 3 parts.

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