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About IELTS: Listening Task

Listening - (Academic and General Training Paper )

You will be presented with four recordings of native English speakers and then asked to write the solutions to a list of questions.

  • Recording 1: Discussion between two people set in an everyday social setting.

  • Recording 2: Monologue set in a background of everyday social life, like, a speech about local facilities.

  • Recording 3: Discussion between people (up to four) set in an educational or training background, e.g. a university tutor and a student exchanging views on an assignment.

  • Recording 4: Monologue on academic content, for example, a university lecture.

The reviewers will be looking for proof of your ability to comprehend the main points and elaborate factual information, the viewpoints and impression of speakers, the purpose of an utterance and evidence of your ability to follow the development of ideas.

Listening Format- Academic and General


30 Minutes


*Extra10 minutes transfer time in PBT only

No. of Question

40 Questions

No. of Questions

*Each part has 10 questions


1 Mark / Answer


*You will get a band score of 1-9, half or whole, e.g. 5.5 or 7

No. of sections

4 Parts

No. of sections

  • *1st & 2nd- Situations set in everyday social setting.

  • 3rd- Discussion between two main speakers.

  • 4th- A monologue on academic content.

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